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My Review: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition Part I

My review on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I never thought to write a review for the nutrition school I went to.  The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was  so kick ass,  I think it’s pretty apparent since I flaunt it all over my site and newsletters.  Don’t worry, I’m not that annoying girl, I just like to share what I love!! A few […]

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My review on the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

I never thought to write a review for the nutrition school I went to.  The Institute for Integrative Nutrition was  so kick ass,  I think it's pretty apparent since I flaunt it all over my site and newsletters.  Don't worry, I'm not that annoying girl, I just like to share what I love!! A few days ago I was editing my newsletter template to always have a health coaching… Read the full article →

Chocolate Gluten-Free Raw Cheesecake

This Raw Gluten-Free Chocolate Cheesecake is probably the most decadent dessert I've ever eaten in my life!  And it happens to be dairy, nut-free & vegan. While it might be the ugliest cake you have ever seen, the taste makes it oh so worth it. Trust me!  Your family, your friends, your friends - friends, your family's friends and so on will all DIE from this amazing cake… Read the full article →

Gluten-Free Makeup List 2017

gluten-free makeup list 2017 is here!

Your 2017 healthy & gluten-free makeup list is here! Did you know gluten can be found in makeup?  Yup, I hate to break it to you.  The good news? Not every Celiac or Gluten-Sensitive person reacts to gluten in makeup.  But for those it bothers...Like me, and I'm sure like many of you, finding gluten-free makeup can be a pain. When I research gluten-free makeup online it's hard… Read the full article →

Cha Cha Chai TigerNut Milk {Nut-Free, Vegan}

vegan and nut-free cha cha chai TigerNut milk recipe

Hands down!  TigerNut milk is my favorite plant based milk and it's really easy to make!  Out of all the milks to make TigerNut and Hemp get the trophy for easiest to make because there is no soaking is required.  As far as flavors go, my Cha Cha Chai TigerNut Milk recipe has a little something extra, a little PIZAZZ. Chai is usually made with Ginger, and I… Read the full article →

Easy Gluten-Free Banza Pasta Marinara {Vegan}

easy Banza pasta marinara both gluten-free and vegan made from chickpeas

Sometimes you just need to eat something gluten-free and easy.  Banza pasta is your answer. Did I ever think I'd find a pasta that I'd love that was gluten-free?  I wasn't worried, like some people are.  Let's just say It's been harder to find a delicious gluten-free bread (and I finally found one, but that's for another post) over pasta. Pasta is easy.  There are so many brands… Read the full article →

Superfood Popcorn Nachos {Vegan, Nut-Free)

Superfood Popcorn Nachos

I think we forget that popcorn with toppings is an epic snack!  Everyone's all about taco's, taco tuesday and nachos, but popcorn has its perks too!  Especially Superfood Popcorn Nachos! No longer do we have to eat caramel popcorn or artificial cheesy popcorn with added sugars and ingredients you can't pronounce.  It doesn't have to be that way if you don't want it to.  There are plenty of… Read the full article →

Cantaloupe Pumpkin Vegan Smoothie

pumpkin cantaloupe green vegan smoothie

I used to think Cantaloupe wasn't sweet, can you imagine that?  But once I went Whole 30 and Paleo way back when and focused on lower sugar fruits, my palate changed and suddenly fruits I never deemed sweet were full of flavor (especially cantaloupe)!  And cantaloupe works wonders with pumpkin!  It tastes like sweet magic!  You have to try it!  I'm telling you! It's the best! When I… Read the full article →

These little No Bake Mini Chocolate Mousse Tarts are so decadent and delicious, you'd never believe these guys use so many whole food ingredients!  Chocolate Mousse?  Try avocado as the base!  I know!!  Crazy right?!  Everyone that tried these were shocked.  One friend even asked where I bought this chocolate because it was so good.  I laughed and surprised him with the fact that it was avocado and… Read the full article →

Bistango NYC Gluten-Free Restaurant Review

When was the last time you sat at a restaurant, mentioned gluten-free, Celiac Disease plus other food allergies and like the glass slipper that fit Cinderella, you felt like you were eating at a restaurant that was a perfect fit?  This is something I value most these days, because it makes a huge difference.  This NYC Gluten-Free restaurant makes me feel normal and safe when dining as a… Read the full article →

gluten-free superfood apple nachos - a healthy vegan snack for all!

Apple Nachos.  A crunchy healthy and delicious snack for anytime of the day! Naturally Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Sugar-Free, Vegan, Paleo & Whole 30 approved. Yay! Who would have thought this snack would satisfy a nachos craving.   I certainly didn't think so.  I never EVER thought to make nachos with apples!  For two years I couldn't even eat apples without having a food sensitivity facial numbing reaction to half… Read the full article →

healthy vegan chocolate pudding smoothie that's guilt free! This babe is sugar-free, nut-free, gluten-free, paleo & sugar-free

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Pudding Smoothie!  Say what?  If I told you this smoothie was healthy would you believe me?  If I told you this smoothie was sugar, dairy, nut-free, paleo & vegan approved and still tasted like the darn best decadent chocolaty smoothie ever - would you think I was joking?  Because I'm not friends!  This is fo REAL! This is the type of smoothie you dream about… Read the full article →

Superfood Papaya Boats {Vegan, Paleo, Nut-Free}

superfood papaya boats that are vegan, nut-free and paleo

Ah papayas.  A glorious perfect fruit.  And when in season its flesh is filled with flavor and so sweet, it tastes like cotton candy!  Healthy cotton candy that is : ) Add your favorite toppings and you've got the best breakfast or healthy snack! It's hard to believe I once hated this fruit.  In fact I couldn't understand why anyone liked it.  It turns out each time I had… Read the full article →

Healthy Rainbow Gummy Bear Popsicles {Vegan}

healthy rainbow gummy bear popsicles

These healthy rainbow gummy bear popsicles are just 3 organic ingredients and so fun to make!  A total bonus that they are vegan and gluten-free.  Made with organic raw coconut water, they are a hydrating surprise of deliciousness.  Eating a clean lifestyle, I thought that the idea of candy or gummy bears were long gone. How could I eat gummy bears made with so many processed ingredients and… Read the full article →

Easy Peasy DIY Turmeric Face Mask

DIY easy peasy turmeric face mask

I have been dying to get this Easy Peasy DIY Turmeric Face Mask on the blog for you guys for MONTHS!  I have ranted and raved about this mask over social media, and I even showed you guys how to make it on Snapchat and my Instagram stories. Sadly those quick tutorials only last 24 hours, and then poof, they're gone!  So today I am finally going to… Read the full article →

The Universe Has Your Back Book Giveaway!

the universe has your back book launch and giveaway

Greetings loves!  This past Tuesday I had the honor to attend Gabby Bernstein's book launch in Manhattan for her newest book; The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith and as usual it was a lovely event filled with support, golden nuggets of wisdom and community. As I sit here with my Turmeric Face Mask on (that recipe is coming soon), I feel compelled to dish, share and… Read the full article →

Gabby Bernstein teaching her free workshop The Universe Has Your Back as a pre - tease to her newly launched book

It's so fitting that I would be writing the recap to Gabby Bernstein's FREE workshop for her newly launched book "The Universe Has Your Back - How To Transform Fear to Faith".  The FREE workshop I attended was back in August, and today is Gabby's book launch, which I'll be attending, because hello! I love her work!  She inspires me deeply. Gabby makes me see differently.  Her words… Read the full article →

GFAF Expo October 2016

Come to the GFAF Expo in Secaucus New Jersey October 15th and 16th 2016

Look what time it is again!  Nope, not Halloween.  Nope not football season.  It's GFAF Expo October 2016 season!  Your one stop shop to everything you could ever imagine gluten-free and allergy-friendly in one huge expo for an entire weekend!!!!  It's the one time you don't have to do all your ordering online or supermarket hopping, because it's all here in one place!  And it's the one time… Read the full article →

Chocolate Dipped Hemp Seed Figs

Gluten-Free, Vegan and Paleo chocolate covered figs dipped in hemp seeds with coconut oil. It's the perfect treat!

I'll say it once.  I love chocolate dipped hemp seed figs.  There I said it.  I just love this combination!  This is the best dessert ever!  It hits the spot every single time.  It's why I get so excited for Fall.  Because in Manhattan, the beginning of Fall is Fig Season! Chocolate dipped hemp seed figs are the best way I can sum up dessert balance.  You have… Read the full article →

Dark Chocolate Dipped Orange Slices

Nutritious and delicious dark chocolate dipped orange slices with goji berries is the perfect gluten-free, paleo and vegan treat by julie at goodiegoodieglutenfree.com

There has ALWAYS been something about dark chocolate dipped orange slices that has made me swoon.  I don't know why this combination has such a hold over me, but it just does! And I'm pretty happy about it because these citrus chocolate babes make me feel alive! My taste for chocolate covered fruit has expanded over the years.  There was a time in my life when fruit and… Read the full article →

Gluten-Free Tigernut Breakfast Cookies that are deliciously nutritious, vegan and nut-free

Gluten-Free TigerNut Breakfast Cookies!  A guilt-free cookie made with superfoods, seeds and hearty grains that is vegan, nut-free, sugar-free and totally divine! The cookie that surpasses all other cookies because they are suitable for breakfast and free of all the nasties like sugar, dairy, gluten & soy.  These are delicious, vegan and have zero processed ingredients.  It's a mighty hearty cookie with a soft-n-chewy inside and a crispy… Read the full article →

healthy & delicious gluten free turmeric spice blondies that are vegan, nut-free, soy-free and refined sugar free - recipe by julie at Goodie Goodie Gluten Free

Healthy gluten-free turmeric spice blondies!  These babes are vegan, nut-free, soy-free, refined sugar-free & wildly delicious.  They taste like pumpkin pie and remind me of Fall.  I know it's Summer, but they are so good I had to post them now! If the idea of putting Turmeric in a Blondie scares you, let me tell you that I won my dad and my whole extended family over the… Read the full article →

Nectarines & Cream Ice Pops (Dairy-Free)

nectarines cream ice pops dairy free vegan

When it's this hot outside, it's all about that popsicle life! Which is why my favorite popsicle mold has been getting a lot of use!  In fact I now own two of these popsicle molds, because like I said...It's that popsicle life. These Nectarines & Cream Ice Pops are perfect for a hot Summer's day.  It's when peaches and nectarines are in season, juicy and at their ripest… Read the full article →

gluten free expresso chocolate brownie recipe nut free vegan

A very simple Gluten-Free Expresso Brownie Recipe with chocolate chips. 15 minutes to make, 15 minute to bake that is also vegan, nut-free, soy-free and totally delish! This is the perfect treat for dark chocolate and expresso lovers.  These brownies are rich in taste and rich in nutrition! Believe it or not, black beans are the magical ingredient and you would never know if I didn't tell you… Read the full article →

Aloe Vera & Cinnamon Water-What’s The Hype?

juice press aloe and cinnamon water

If you haven't had aloe infused water or cinnamon infused water you are missing out!  Lately I have been loving these infused waters.  Lately I have been loving aloe vera gel! It's all about the hydration factor and the idea of decreasing inflammation while keeping the body more alkaline.  Call it self-care, but really I will always love an infused water that only has fresh organic ingredients, no… Read the full article →

7 Best Smoothie & Juice Recipe Books + Giveaway

6 best juices smoothie recipe books

Today I want to share with you my 7 best smoothie and juice recipe books (+ giveaway) that I could never live without!  I found it so helpful to have a trusted stack of recipe books by my side especially when I was a beginner, and even now as a juice and smoothie junkie.  When you search for smoothie or juice books online, it's really hard to decipher… Read the full article →

pure genius bean brownies

Pure Genius Provisions Brownies and Blondies are the newest Gluten-Free & Vegan dessert on the Health circuit radar that you need to know about!  So I wanted to tell you about them because I too am crushing hard on these decadent (but secretly healthy) treats! If you haven't yet heard of Pure Genius Provisions, I am telling you now - get them on your radar! They have just… Read the full article →

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